How To Be Happy About How You Look?

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Are you unhappy with how you look? Was it something you realized recently? Or something you’ve been thinking of for a while? Have you had enough of feeling this way? Do you want to change that? If you do, then the below tips are exclusively for you…

  • Know what is changeable and what is not – let’s admit it. We are all unhappy about something, regardless to how small or big it is, about our physical appearance. But what is important to remember is that while something can and may be changed with a little effort or spending a little money, some aspects simply cannot be changed. Identifying the two apart if the most vital part when teaching yourself to be happy about how you look.
  • Work to achieve the look you want – if how you want to look is not how you look right now, it goes without saying that it will be hard to be happy or content about it. If you feel this is something you can work towards (like losing weight, getting a popular nose thread lift or even a particular hairstyle), then by all means, go for it. Just make sure you are not setting yourself an impossible task or asking too much of your body or finances. Your happiness and peace of mind means a great more than how you’d want to look…
  • Select styles and colors that please you – perhaps your dissatisfaction has nothing to do with an imperfect nose (thus calling for a nose filler) at all. Perhaps you are just bored with how you dress or carry yourself. Most of us decide what looks good on us pretty early on in our youth. Unfortunately, people seem to forget that our body and what suits it can change as time passes. So it’s important that you always pay attention and change according to what suits your body and pleases your mind. Trust us, if you like what you’re wearing, you’ll feel great about yourself!
  • Accept the unchangeable – like we mentioned above, it’s important that you understand the differences between that which can be changed, and that which cannot. Once you do so, it’s also important that you accept that which cannot be changed. The mirror therapy is perfect for this. Stand yourself in front of a mirror everyday and tell yourself you look perfect the way you are. Once you accept your “shortcomings”, it will no longer bother you or make you unhappy.

Surround yourself with supportive people; cut off the negativity – unfortunately the real world and the virtual world is filled with negative people. These negative influences can make you feel bad about yourself; no matter what you look like or what gender you identify as.  If you have people as such in your life, it might be the right time to show them the door and make a more positive space.